Asher Pierce

Asher Pierce

Happy Birthday Eve, baby boy!


It is the day before your birthday. Not even really a whole day, since we go to the hospital before the birds to have our scheduled c section. Yep- you’re on a schedule already, although, you’ve cared very little about playing by the rules pretty much since conception.

You have already given me a run for my money, sweet Asher. I have a feeling that the trend won’t stop once you’re here, but I hope you know that I would walk through hell 1,000 times over for you, so some swelling, diabetes, and weeks of contractions really are nothing. Not to mention the insane lack of sleep. (I’ll make up for that when you’re a teenager.)

You are coming into a crazy, loud, rambunctious house. You know that because you’ve already taken some blows while you’ve been in my belly. You have a big brother who talks about you all the time. You have a daddy who is funny, kind, and a big kid at heart. Together, they keep me laughing and make my days better. I can’t wait to see how you will fit in with them!

Your name will be Asher Pierce. Your daddy and I picked Asher because we liked it, but it is actually a biblical name that means “happy and blessed.” I hope you know how true that is. You have already made us so happy and are such a blessing. We chose Pierce because we like to use family names for middle names, and Pierce was your great great grandfather’s name. We hope that your MamaAnne would be happy to know her dad’s name will carry on.

We have been praying for you for what feels like forever and I’ve been feeling you move around and kick me. It feels like I already know you. I can’t wait to see if you look like your big brother. I can’t wait to learn your personality and watch you take your place in our family.

We have our first date tomorrow, sweet boy! The first of many! See you soon!